Spread the word about How Much Phe!

If How Much Phe is helpful to you, let people konw. We're asking members of our community to appeal to their friends and family to support How Much Phe and National PKU News so that we can continue to expand and improve the tools we offer to help you and your families manage PKU. Your friends and family can purchase a supporter subscription to provide ongoing support to How Much Phe and National PKU News.

Right now we are 1,100 strong, but we need a much bigger base to keep delivering and improving these services - call your relatives, show them how howmuchphe.org works next time you have dinner at their house, and let them know that your PKUer needs their support. They can make a donation in honor of your PKUer to show them they care about this important part of their health.

All supporter subscriptions are 100% tax-deductible.

Here's a sample appeal:

Hello Everyone,

I'm asking our friends and family to get behind the PKU community. Only 250 people are born with PKU in the U.S. each year, and the PKU community needs the help of friends and family to stay healthy. Please help [ME/OUR SON/OUR DAUGHTER] with [MY/HIS/HER] rare PKU diet by becoming a supporter of How Much Phe. Howmuchphe.org is a product of National PKU News, a non-profit organization that produces the Low Protein Food List for PKU and diet management tools that we rely on to keep [MY/CHILD'S NAME]'s brain healthy. You can make a tax exempt donation in [MY/HIS/HER] honor at https://howmuchphe.org/user/support

Thanks for your friendship and support!