About This Service

How Much Phe is an online subscription service which provides access to the Phe content of foods as contained in the Low Protein Food List for PKU and PKUNews.org's Baby Food List. The site is a service of National PKU News. The revenue from How Much Phe will be used to fund PKUNews' Food Analysis Program and general operations. Our full Terms of Use are here.

A letter from Virginia Schuett: How Much Phe?: The future of the Low Protein Food List for PKU

Hello Everyone,

I want to encourage everyone in the PKU community to subscribe to our new How Much Phe? service.

The team who developed the program is thrilled that our hard work has led to this moment that we have all been waiting a long time for: the moment when we can easily and quickly access every food item in The Low Protein Food List for PKU (all 7,000+ items) from any mobile device that connects to the internet.

I know this is my dream come true and I think it will be yours when you try it.

I would like to convey to you a very important message: How Much Phe? is not just a very helpful new online tool, the future and survival of the food list really depends on subscriptions to the How Much Phe? Program!

The money from the program will be used for updating and adding to the food list and expanding the functionality of the service (for example, diet management tools). We just cannot go forward into the future with the current method of updating and maintaining the food list, which I have assumed responsibility for over the past 35 years, and selling the food list alone as a printed book does not bring in the income needed to support this activity.

Through the subscription service, which will provide an annual income that can support the lab analysis of foods and provide the funds for updating the database, our precious resource will be preserved and updated for people who need the low protein food list now and into the future.

The survival of the Low Protein Food List for PKU is a matter of health and quality of life to PKU patients and families. As part of the community that benefits in so many significant ways from this ongoing effort, we urge you provide to your support by subscribing today. Please help spread the word about this wonderful new resource! I hope everyone will subscribe to the new program and will experience the thrill of having all of the food list data at your fingertips at all times.


Virginia Schuett
Director, National PKU News