Resources for Clinics

PKU News Provides the Following Resources for you and your patients.
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  • Pre-Paid Subscriptions (great for the clinic to provide to families who struggle with the cost, or help adults to return to diet
  • Demo Accounts
  • Scholarships: While our first preference is that the clinic provide support in the form of a pre-paid subscription, we do have a limited number of scholarships available

Pocket Books

  • The Baby Book: Provided free to all new PKU diagnoses
  • The Essentials: For ages 2 through adult, based on the most popular foods on HMP
  • The Maternal Edition: A guide to managing PKU during preganancy
  • ¿Cuánta FA?: A Spanish-Language Guide to the Low-Protein PKU diet

Informational Handouts

  • On the Medical Nutrition Equity Act
  • On & the Pocket Books
  • On

Go Low Pro Smartphone app

  • Low-protein store and restaurant locator
  • Will be available for iOS and Android
  • Available late 2019. Visit for details. helps your patients stay on track helps you work with your patients to promote diet compliance, accurate tracking, and easy record-keeping.

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Benefits for Your Clinic

  • Easy to read electronic (or printable) diet records
  • Saves staff time calculating patient intake
  • Provides transparency on what foods patients are eating
  • Compatible with phe/pro/exchange management
  • Blood levels in µmol/L or mg/dL
  • Includes support for the simplified diet, overseen by our dietitian and based on the Colorado clinic's guidelines.

Help patients in need access this valuable resource

  • Your clinic, hospital, foundation or support organization can purchase pre-paid debit cards good for a 1-year subscription to
  • Keep cards in stock or request them when you need them; We'll send them directly to you in accordance with HIPAA
  • Patients sign up using their own email address & contact information

Pocket Guides, customized with data from

How Much Phe: The Baby Book, a companion to specially designed for those 2 years old and under, includes phe/pro/exchange and calorie data for more than 500 baby foods, and data for 250 additional foods that were most often consumed by users under age 2. It also includes a general introduction to PKU and tips for introducing table foods to infants and promoting a healthy and diverse diet. National PKU News is providing this book free of charge to all newborns with PKU. Click on ORDER to request them for your clinic.

How Much Phe: The Essentials is a pocket guide to phe values for foods common on the PKU diet. It contains data on fruits and vegetables, fast food, and the most commonly-viewed foods on It's designed for use by older kids, teens, and adults.

How Much Phe: The Maternal PKU Edition: Developed by PKU News Board Member Michelle Hobbs, RD, who has PKU and is a mother of two, this book is an essential guide to pre-conception and pregnancy wtih PKU, with sample menus, lists for increasing phe- and protein-intake and important tips on managing the struggles of a PKU pregnancy, including the risks of gestational diabetes and morning sickness. This is a wire-bound volume with twice as many pages as the smaller pocket guides.

¿Cuánta FA?: Developed with the support of the Global Genes Foundation's Rare Health Equity Grant, this Spanish-language pocket book  includes content from all three of our current books (The Essentials, The Baby Book and the Maternal PKU Edition) and was translated into Spanish and edited by a team of native-speaking metabolic dietitians. This book will be available in early 2023 but you can pre-order it today.

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Demo Accounts

You or your patients can request a demo account. This account requires approval and allows users access to most features on the site, but limited food data. This is a good way to try out the service, test tracking features, and get a feel for what is possible.

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Informational Handouts

Sometimes it's hard to convey all the details of the available resources during a clinic visit. Send patients home with information so they can discover the resources on their own.

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