Submit a Food Request

  • Available only to HMP subscribers. Please log in (or subscribe!) if you can't see the form
  • Provide as much information as you can; that way we don't have to research it ourselves (crowdsourcing!) and can spend our time doing the ingredient analysis necessary for a phe estimate
  • After you submit the form, copy & paste the resulting text in a message to the company - this primes them for our request
  • If you get a response from the company, forward to [email protected]

Click here to compose a request to a food company.

Use this form ONLY if:
  • You're not a subscriber but want to request data from a company (please share with [email protected] if you get a response), or
  • A food is already in HMP and you just want updated values from the company, or
  • You know we're working on a request for this food and just want to add your voice
  • For all other food requests, use this form

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