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PKU News understands that the cost of a subscription to may exceed the budget of some indviduals and families. Our mission is to serve everyone in the commmunity, and so we have established a scholarship fund to provide a number of free subscriptions to those in need. These subscriptions will be one year in in length, and non-renewing. We cannot guarantee a subscription to everyone who applies but we will attempt to assist as many as we can. If you can, please consider donating to the scholarship fund.

To apply for a scholarship, please submit the following form:

Please tell us about your clinic

Please tell us about your use of

These questions won't affect your application. They are just informational.

Have you used in the past?*
Did you use it to track intake or just to look up foods?*
Tracked intake and looked up foods
Just looked up foods
Have you received a scholarship or clinic-sponsored subscription to in the past?*
Please tell us the names and ages of those in your family with PKU who would benefit from using*
Please tell us a little about your situation. We cannot guarantee scholarships to all who apply, so we need to understand the degree of need.*